Macca’s Predictions For Super League Triathlon Jersey – Men

Chris “Macca” McCormack, two-time Ironman World Champion, Co-founder and Chairman of Super League gives us his predictions on the real male contenders for this season.

  1. Richard Murray – Has proven he is magnificent over multiple days of racing and specifically this style of racing! He’s the reigning SLT champion, having won Hamilton Island last year, then backing up that performance with second place at Jersey. His strengths are his skill and his racing brain. One of the favourites to win and certainly the most entertaining athlete found on course.
  2. Mario Mola – The reigning World Champion is impossible to bet against. Earlier this month Mario was crowned ITU World Champion for the third year in a row, having dominated the WTS season. Without question he’s the fastest pure runner that can be found in our men’s line-up. He will be tough to dislodge but can find himself in trouble in the tight formats, especially on the bike.
  3. Kristian Blummenfelt – Super League racing is built for his aggressive attacking style, and he proved it by winning SLT Jersey last year. He’s laser-focused on success, so training and racing mean everything to this Norwegian athlete. He’s one of the favourites to win the entire series with amazing leg speed designed for courses that require acceleration. SLT is his for the taking if he can step up and grab it with both hands!
  4. Jake Birtwhistle – He showed his potential for SLT in the debut event on Hamilton Island last year, but didn’t bring the full package to Jersey 2017 where he struggled to keep pace with the leaders. Still, I reckon at this style of racing he’s the best in the world. He has to believe it, and if he does, he will win SLT.
  5. Henri Schoeman – Once considered the silent assassin of the Pro field, Henri has truly announced himself on the world stage. Probably the most well-rounded talent in the field he has no weaknesses. Having been unlucky racing over this last year he can do anything when he is on-form. An amazing swimmer with a monster bike to run he is one to watch for sure.
  6. Jonathan Brownlee – The name says it all. Olympic silver and bronze medalist, if he is on-form he can dominate this. Jonny hit Jersey 2017 hard with the intention of dominating his rivals –he didn’t get the victory but demonstrated his capacity for this kind of racing. Jonny has worn the SLT green jersey signifying his strength as a cyclist, but he’s flawless over the three disciplines.
  7. Alistair Brownlee – A dual Olympic gold medalist, Ali is the greatest short course triathlete to ever live but in last year’s SLT he didn’t perform well on Hamilton Island, then was injured for Jersey. He’s made it clear he would like to be competitive in SLT this year. If he is ON, his sheer presence, skill set, and racing head make him a killer in this style of racing. Capable of anything!
  8. Vincent Luis – This style of racing suits him immensely, and he’s capable of winning this series if he wants. Finishing on the podium time and again on this year’s WTS circuit and winning the Grand Final on the Gold Coast two weeks ago he has shown what he is capable of. We have yet to see him compete in SLT but his power as an athlete should absorb these formats, showcasing his true talent.
  9.  Andreas Schilling – He has a determined mindset and a never say die attitude, alongside an incredible talent. He uses his strength in the water and on the bike to negate his minor weakness on the run. Andreas will be looking to stamp his authority on the field to show he has what it takes to compete for victory. Look for him to dictate terms in this style of racing.
  10. Alex Yee – Probably the most exciting talent I have seen since the Brownlees. The fastest runner in the history of this sport, so much so we may see him shift to athletics as a career. Right now, let’s see the damage he can do to the field if he is in striking position or set up to dictate terms at any point – Super Talent!

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