Why volunteer with us?

Volunteers are the key to a successful Super League event. Without the support of our volunteers, our events would not happen.

Our lives are shaped through a variety of events we attend. SLT always strives to leave a positive impact on the communities and its people. While our job entails the event organisation, your goal as a volunteer is to ensure that the event remains an unforgettable experience in people’s minds and hearts.

Volunteering with us is an opportunity to be a part of a solid and diverse community. Whether you are a local volunteer, or looking for meaningful things to do while on vacation, it will be worth your while.

Put your skills to the test, develop new skills, meet new people, mingle with the athletes and be a part of some of the biggest sporting events. And then, there is always an afterparty…

What are your duties and perks?

There is a wide range of volunteering areas available to choose from including support, assistance and supervision of:

  • Event set-up and closing
  • Ticketing and accreditation
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Security and public safety
  • Reception and supervision
  • Athletes and participants

We want to make sure that you get the most out of your participation:

You’ll gather experience working on a world-class sporting event in a fun and friendly atmosphere. You’ll have a unique opportunity to meet World Champions and Olympic athletes. You’ll receive a goodie bag full of SLT Merchandise.

There will be free food and drinks

What our volunteers say...

We just wanted to say thank you to you all for letting us be part of the team in Malta.

We both enjoyed it so much and hopefully we will be volunteering at one or two more events in 2020.

So much fun. Definitely again next year!

I’ve met so many cool people during the race in Jersey. We still keep in touch.

Each and every athlete personally shook my hand when coming out the water. What an experience!

I signed up because I was coming to Mallorca for vacation. Best off-season vacation ever!


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