Tyler Mislawchuk

Tyler Mislawchuk
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Tyler Mislawchuk made a great decision in leaving aside his ice hockey ambitions to pursue his career as a professional triathlete. The Winnipeg native was a huge fan of ice hockey as a youngster and played to a high standard. However, he came to a crossroads after failing to be drafted as a 14-year-old and had to decide whether to continue to strive to make it his career or focus on triathlon. He picked the latter and has grown into a star on the world stage.

Tyler was already running cross country and dabbling in triathlon as a way of boosting his fitness for ice hockey, and also to burn off his energy – the reason his parents encouraged him into sports in the first place. It’s safe to say that Tyler’s rise in the sport was a result of years of hard graft rather than meteoric. Indeed, it took him until the age of 25 to win a race, and he recalls spending most of his formative triathlon years not even being the fastest on his street in Canada and his parents being unhappy that he quit University after two years to focus on making swim-bike-run his job.

The journey was also beset by injury woes threatening to derail his career before it even began. He was racing at elite level by 2015, but on his World Cup debut broke a leg and four ribs in a bike crash. It set him back massively, but Tyler wasn’t one to quit and fought back to fitness. However, in his first race back, and only his second at that level, he crashed again and broke his jaw.

For some, that may have been a sign to quit, but Tyler was made of sterner stuff, and the strength he showed there was to forge the hugely impressive career he built thereafter. It doesn’t really get a tougher display of strength than finishing 15th in his first Olympics in Rio and then discovering he had been running on a broken leg but is another part of Tyler’s remarkable story.

By 2018, Tyler had established himself as a rising star and in 2019 secured two golds at World Cup level, and podium finishes at WTS level. He marked out his threat at the Olympics by winning the Tokyo Test event with a quite brilliant performance.

Tyler has been a Super League Triathlon regular from the start and picked up a podium finish in Singapore in 2019.

Race Results

Championship Season 19 »
Rank #13
Points 7
Championship Season 18 »
Rank #4
Points 57

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27 (1994)
59kg (130.1 lbs)
1.72m (5'7")

Race Appearances

Championship 2021

Malibu 25 Sep 2021

Championship 2021

Jersey 18 Sep 2021

Championship 2021

Munich 12 Sep 2021

Championship 2021

London 5 Sep 2021

Championship 2019

Malta 19-20 Oct 2019

Championship 2019

Jersey 28-29 Sep 2019

Championship 2018

Singapore 23-24 Feb 2019

Championship 2018

Mallorca 3-4 Nov 2018

Championship 2018

Malta 26-28 Oct 2018

Championship 2018

Jersey 28-30 Sep 2018

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