Charlotte McShane

Charlotte McShane
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Not Racing Charlotte McShane is not racing in the Championship Season'21. The data will be available after the Championship Season'21 completes.
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Races 4

A nonconventional entry into triathlon has seen former under 23 World Champion Charlotte McShane move from long course racing to become one of the best short course athletes around. Her small frame makes her bike an asset, and she is majestic on the run, utilising smart competitive tactics to position herself well in events. Charlotte says if she’s given 6 hours to chop down a tree she’d use the first 4 to sharpen the axe. Charlotte will be well prepared for success in the intense and extreme world of SLT. Nothing will be left on course as we find out what she can do.

Race Results

Championship Season 18 »
Rank #12
Points 23

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Charlotte Mcshane Women's 0397 4994
Charlotte Mcshane Por 8979
Charlotte Mcshane Por 8913
Charlotte Mcshane Por 9855

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33 (1990)
46kg (101.4 lbs)
1.59m (5'2")

Race Appearances

Championship 2018

Singapore 23-24 Feb 2019

Championship 2018

Mallorca 3-4 Nov 2018

Championship 2018

Malta 26-28 Oct 2018

Championship 2018

Jersey 28-30 Sep 2018

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