Vincent Luis Trailer Released Ahead Of Final Three Episodes Of ‘Invincible’ Documentary Series

Super League Triathlon has released a new trailer teasing the final three instalments of the behind the scenes series chronicling Vincent Luis unprecedented attempt to create history in 2021.

Invincible breaks the mould for triathlon documentaries as it follows the 2020 World and Super League champion throughout an eventful and emotional 2021 with SLT’s film crews given exclusive access to the biggest year in his career.

In the final three episodes of Invincible, we go behind the curtain as no other triathlon documentary series has ever done to see into Vincent Luis’ life.

  • We join his family as he attempts to become the first French triathlete to win an Olympic medal
  • We follow him to meet French President Emmanuel Macron
  • And watch him take on the most intense back-to-back racing in Super League history

Along the way, there is unique insight from his family, friends, rivals and famous faces in a film that offers viewers incredible behind the scenes access to an explosive year.

Watch the full series on Super League Triathlon’s YouTube channel and make sure to subscribe for notifications. 

Full Episode Release Dates

  1. Episode 1 – The One To Beat | OUT NOW
  2. Episode 2 – The Olympic Dream | 25th November
  3. Episode 3 – Winning Ways | 2nd December
  4. Episode 4 – The Finale | 9th December
Super League 2021 Munich Mens Race Vincent Luis

Vincent Luis was asked why he decided to let the cameras in on such.

I wanted to do something nobody had done before in triathlon. We had videos of people training, we had videos of people making espressos in the kitchen. We wanted to have a really behind the scenes, emotional centered video. It’s a huge budget to get together and Super League was very helpful and we picked good people because you don’t want a guy you don’t know in your kitchen or looking at you with a camera when you wake up. We picked a good crew, people some days I wasn’t even aware they were around as they were so discreet so it was really nice for me and really easy and we put all these things together.

We have already wrapped out the first episode. It’s not Olympics centred but really a year in the life. For the races like Super League when we have more freedom we will go really behind the scenes to show everyone how it is to race around the world, to travel, and also working on live data for the races.

I hope it’s going to be the first of many that triathletes can do and having more insight and making triathlon more popular and showing people what we do and not just a race every two months.

It’s about the process and behind the scenes. If you want to know how triathletes train go onto Strava or socials and you will see what they want to show you but I think the most important is who are we really.

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