Super League Triathlon To Expand Tech Offering with Racecheck Acquisition

Katie Zaferes and Cassandre Beaugrand Singapore 2018

Super League Triathlon has strengthened its plans to further innovate in sport and technology with the acquisition of Racecheck.

The world’s most exciting triathlon brand is now backed by the technical expertise of Racecheck, who have developed a thriving race review and feedback management platform for event organisers and the endurance community.

Super League is building on the success of its cutting edge events, including the unique mix of in real life and virtual racing of the SLT Arena Games Powered by Zwift, which heads to Rotterdam on April 18 after a successful UK debut in London, and its community and corporate activations by developing and enhancing exciting new technology platforms.

Super League Triathlon CEO, Michael D’hulst, said: “I am delighted that we can not only back another innovator in the endurance sports market but also call upon Racecheck’s considerable expertise and experience in creating tech solutions for the endurance community to help develop our products and offerings.

“We firmly believe in the fabulous work that Racecheck does. Alexander Tanti and his team will continue to develop the Racecheck platform and provide an invaluable resource to the sports community.

“For Super League this investment creates a tech team capable of delivering exciting new developments specifically focused on the endurance community and its participants, and also shows our commitment to the wider endurance sports market we are a part of.”

Racecheck CEO, Alexander Tanti, said: “There are many synergies between Racecheck and Super League, particularly in the field of innovation and the development of technology to create exciting platforms and communities around them.

“Our core business objectives will be to continue to build and develop the Racecheck platform, while our interaction with Super League will focus on harnessing our expert team to help them bring to fruition the ambitious plans they have around expanding the use of technology at their events and for their communities.”

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