Super League Triathlon Announce eo as Official Swim Technology Partner

Copy Of Vicent Swimbetter Dsc8923 200522 (c)daniel Vazquez

Super League Triathlon (SLT) has today announced eo as their Official Swim Technology Partner.

The partnership with Super League Triathlon, the world’s premier swim-bike-run company, spans the upcoming Championship Series commencing in September 2022.

eo are sports technology innovators, working with the finest minds in sports science to unlock the latent power in every body by applying new research discoveries and innovations to sport.

Backed by SLT favourite and two-time ITU World Champion, Vincent Luis, their game-changing new product, eo SwimBetter, is like a power meter for your swim. This tiny device fits in the palm of your hand and measures both force and direction, giving unique data insight into technique and the adjustments needed to improve – right on the pool deck. eo SwimBETTER is available for pre-order now at

Two-time Super League Triathlon Championship Series winner Vincent Luis said: “I’ve never in my career had access to the type of information I get from eo SwimBETTER. It is helping my coach and I adjust my stroke to improve my power and efficiency. The best part is we can quantify the changes on the spot with quick and easy data download to the eo Platform, so we know immediately what’s working and what isn’t. We all know triathlon races can be lost with a poor swim so anything that can help improve my technique and performance is a huge advantage for me.”

Super League Triathlon Co-founder, Chris McCormack, said: “Super League Triathlon are always looking for partners who share the same desire for innovation and progress as we do and so I am delighted that we have partnered with eo. Their drive to strive for better and to incorporate cutting-edge technological solutions fits perfectly with Super League. I very much look forward to working with them and continuing to improve our sport.”

“The way Super League Triathlon has redefined the sport, introducing new formats and technology to make racing even more exciting for both competitors and fans made them stand out to us as the perfect partner for eo SwimBETTER”, said eo’s Chairman, Jaimie Fuller. “We’re excited to see our relationship grow.”

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