Super League Triathlon Launches SLT Playing Cards

Slt Cards

Super League Triathlon has today launched SLT Playing Cards, giving fans of the sport the chance to play against each other using the strengths and weaknesses of their heroes.

Stars of Super League Triathlon have been ranked using in-depth data analysis of their performances across the world of short course tri to give them a simple set of stats across the disciplines and create a fun tio play game.

The cards are being published on Super League Triathlon’s Instagram channel, where there is also the chance to win one of the limited edition physical packs.

To play all you need to do is collect the cards and try to guess whether your athlete has a better or worse score than the one in the opponent’s hand. If correct, you collect both cards and get another guess. If wrong, your opponent collects the cards and has the chance to guess first. The winner is the person who ends up with a full deck.

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