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One race. Nine title contenders. Super League Triathlon’s 2023 Championship Series is set for a grandstand finale.

After an incredible Series which has already seen memorable races in London, Toulouse and Malibu, the best triathletes in the world are ready to battle it out one last time with everything on the line in NEOM, Saudi Arabia.

A sea swim, a one lap bike and a fast run, all in the desert heat, stands between a host of athletes and a coveted title.

So, just how will the race go? With so much on the line it is extremely hard to call. That’s why we called upon triathlon legend Chris McCormack to give us his verdict.


I think Hayden Wilde is going to win this thing again. He is in great form, he loves this course and races like this suit him. He also really wants to defend his Championship Series title and knows that if he wins in NEOM then it’s his again.

This race looks on paper so tight. I am expecting Jonny Brownlee to do well in NEOM, but I actually think Kristian Blummenfelt will be in the hunt for this one. He hasn’t figured at the very top end in the Series yet, but the open course will suit him and, though he will get out run by Hayden, he will have a big impact.

Superleague Triathlon Malibu 2023
Superleague Triathlon Malibu 2023 on the 29th September 2023 at Courtyard Marriot, Thousand Oaks, California, USA ( Photo: That Cameraman )

The biggest benefactor of Kristian being in the race will be Alex Yee. If Alex can keep those second and third swims good like he did in London then he is also tough to beat, but I think the others may just have the edge in this race.

  1. Hayden Wilde
  2. Kristian Blummenfelt
  3. Jonathan Brownlee


It will be tight racing. After Malibu I think Cassandre Beuagrand is the form athlete. She will be very difficult to beat and has her teammates to keep close so she has everything to win. The injury that kept her out of Toulouse unfortunately means that even if she wins this one as well as Malibu there is pretty much no chance of her winning the Series title.

So then you look at the rest of the race to see who takes the Series. I think whoever finishes second is very likely to be that person, and I foresee a close race between Emma Lombardi and Jeanne Lehair, with Lehair taking it and winning the Series.

Superleague Triathlon Malibu 2023
Superleague Triathlon Malibu 2023 on the 1st October at Zuma Beach California, USA ( Photo: That Cameraman )

There could still be a problem there though as Léonie Périault is the one that I think could disrupt it all on the run, and throw it all into the mix.

  1. Cassandre Beaugrand
  2. Jeanne Lehair
  3. Emma Lombardi

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