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Jeanne Lehair scooped an impressive 31% of the vote to be crowned ‘Athlete of the 2023 Championship Series’ in our exclusive Super League Triathlon fan poll.

The Luxembourg athletes performances across the series – which saw her win in London and race to two third place podiums for the Santara Tech Eagles in Malibu and NEOM, narrowly missing out on the women’s title by finishing positions – saw fans vote her ahead of women’s champion, Kate Waugh.

The British athlete, who took the title by finishing second in NEOM for the RTP Sharks took 16% of the vote. Meanwhile, Bahrain Victorious Scorpions athlete Hayden Wilde’s impressive performances in Malibu and NEOM saw him collect 13.4% of the vote to place third.

Cassandre Beaugrand, who won back-to-back races this season came fourth (13%) and men’s champion, Léo Bergere fifth (7%). 

Nine other athletes battling it out for the ‘Best Athlete of the 2023 Championship Series’ crown, including Alex Yee, Emma Lombardi, Jonathan Brownlee and Sophie Coldwell collected the remaining 19% of the vote share between them.

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