Arena Games Triathlon Stars At Olympic Esports Week

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Arena Games Triathlon dazzled on the world stage as the unique race format made its debut at the Olympic Esports Week in Singapore.

The multi award-winning real life and virtual hybrid concept from Super League Triathlon continued its impressive rise and had the chance to impress at the very highest level as it bids for Olympic inclusion.

Arena Games took a duathlon format for Olympic Esports Week and saw 20 athletes compete in five teams in a relay, each completing a 750m run, 6km bike and 750m run. The times from the first three legs dictated a pursuit start for the final leg.

It was Team Oceania who ended up victorious with Jack Latham starting the final stage with a 10 second lead and extending that to 20 as he crossed the finish line to celebrate with teammates Lucy Evans, Coen Anderson and Hannah Pollock. Europe were second with North America third.

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Super League Triathlon worked on the event alongside partners World Triathlon, and were able to give big time race experience to a diverse offering of young athletes.

Super League Triathlon CEO and Co-Founder, Michael D’hulst, said: “Olympic Esports Week was an incredible stage for Arena Games Triathlon. The entire event was remarkable, and we had so much positive feedback on both the format in general and this race. It is very encouraging in our bid to get Arena Games Triathlon into the Olympics. This was a major step on that journey.”

Arena Games Triathlon is a trailblazing concept pioneered by Super League Triathlon. The real-life and virtual reality blended racing provides an immersive viewing experience for fans both watching at the venue and on broadcast.

In World Championship Series events, athletes swim in an Olympic pool, bike on static trainers and run on self-powered treadmills, with their efforts turned into racing gameplay by Zwift – all over a unique, short and action packed format.

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Since its launch in 2020, Arena Games Triathlon has won a host of sport’s industry awards and established itself at the cutting edge of innovation, enthralling fans with sell-out crowds and live broadcast viewing numbers that grew 48% in 2023 to 4 million.

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